Client Access

Pay with Telpay Online


Pay DIGITS & DECIMALS INC.™ with Telpay Online payment service. No service or transaction fees. Save on postage, envelopes and cheque costs.

How does it work?

Click here for a Video Tutorial

Sign up for an account and register your banking information to withdraw the funds from with Telpay Online.
The following are instructions on how to create a business account for Telpay Online to pay DIGITS & DECIMALS INC.™:

1.Sign Up at

  • Complete all required fields in “Company and Contact Information” and “Payment Details”
  • Enter 0068624 for Telpay Biller Code.
  • Confirm and activate your account.

2. Make your first payment

Complete required payment details in “Biller information” and “Payment instructions”.

  • Telpay Biller Code: 0068624
  • Customer Account Number: use your account number
  • Enter payment amount and choose payment date*
  • Confirm and accept payment details

3. Confirm your payment method

  • Enter the bank account that Telpay should debit your payment from
  • Review and agree to Customer Agreement
  • For verification purposes, email a copy of void cheque and signed authorization form to or by fax at 866-396-2548**

*Please allow 3 business days for your payment to be applied to your DIGITS & DECIMALS INC.™
**First payment cannot be processed until we receive a copy of your void cheque and signed authorization form.